About Jade Teta

Since when Jade was young, he has been dreaming about physical fitness. These dreams empowered him and kept his work toward being physically fit. He was able to develop techniques for controlling his emotions like anger. He was able to convert what seems contrary to be more productive, the emotions like anger were turned into motivators in doing workouts.

He has been able to manage his emotions by using the strength of one emotion to support the other. He was able to use physical performance in controlling mental and emotional challenges and vice versa.

Back when he was a teenager, He joined American football that became the force behind his work out. He began writing fitness programs for his friends and their parents that guided them in their workout.

He started being appreciated by others that made him feel safe and inspired. He took up the power and decided to nurture and develop it.

He joined campus where he studied biochemistry and at the same time working as a personal trainer.

During his free time, he involved in self in work out dances in most popular bar and dance club on campus which gave him a remarkable experience.

During his college days, he mainly focused on health, fitness, and self-development.

After college, he joined a medical school, but he was later forced to walk out as it had no training in either diet or exercise.

He never lost hope; he decided to join an upcoming university by the name Bastyr University. At the University, he studied on integrative medicine which was a new idea in the market where by he never thought that alternative and complementary medicine could develop to its present levels of demand.

At the medical school, he ventured in biochemistry, hormonal metabolism accompanied by counseling. During this time, he involved himself in seminars, self-development training, and life-coaching events.

After his college life where he specialized in fitness, hormonal metabolism and the psychology of success, he started a consulting clinic and an online health & fitness business called Metabolic Effect (ME) with my brother, Keoni Teta.

Jade Teta has now worked many in-person clients. He has trained several people via online video workout programs and my health and fitness books.

Jade now runs an international workout; he has a supplement company, written books, he has several online programs.

He also deals with programs for helping people to change their lives in mindset, money, fitness, and health. He is proud of his efforts for the much that he has achieved. He believes that one’s life design can be learned, developed and nurtured.