5 Tricks to Boost Your Metabolism At Night

Metabolism refers to a set of chemical and physical changes which take place in the human body and provide energy for life processes as well as the synthesis of new materials. It is the process which enables your body to grow and function. Practically, metabolism starts after the absorption of nutrients after vital nutrients have been absorbed into your system after eating. After that, there are a series of chemical processes from these nutrients which transform them into energy and building materials for the organism.

The basic units of metabolism are formed from nutrients and include amino acids derived from proteins, glucose derived from carbohydrates, glycerol and fatty acids both of which are derived from fats. The benefits of increased metabolism are numerous and may include weight loss since it allows you to burn fat, heart health, increased energy and overall well-being, among others.

Many people, especially women, would love to have a faster metabolic rate. Even though during daytime there are lots of activities that can help you increase your metabolism, it would be an excellent idea to also burn extra fat and calories while you sleep. There are many ways that you can employ so as to maintain an optimum metabolic rate even as you sleep. So today in this particular post, let us discuss in excruciating details a few effective ways of how to burn those stubborn fats at night.

  1. Never go to bed on an empty belly.
    It is imperative to note that food forms the primary unit of your body metabolism. So when you retire to bed when hungry, your system will automatically shift to a mode of starvation by lowering your metabolism in a bid to conserve more calories. This implies that you should eat adequately, but, if you are trying to lose weight, just ensure that you make healthy food choices. In this regard, a portion of high-fiber cereal combined with low-fat milk is an excellent choice. Apparently, if you don’t feel hungry, you should not add any bedtime snack.
  2. Get adequate sleep.
    According to a particular study conducted by California State University, it was revealed that sleep could have a positive impact on your metabolism. Typically, loss of adequate sleep can potentially affect the essential metabolic functions of storing carbohydrates and hormone regulation. When your body is deprived of enough sleep, it triggers your metabolism to slow down, utilize less energy and this may even make you to binge later on after waking up. By having enough sleep of up to eight hours each night, you are causing your metabolism to function at full speed all during the night, helping to boost energy as well as your appetite in the long run.
  3. Add cayenne pepper to your dinner.
    Scientific studies have proven that the most efficient way to burn calories is to eat peppers. Often used as a spice, its spicy and hot taste comes from a compound known as capsaicin. This particular ingredient is known to boost metabolism, causing your system to produce extra heat and burn increased calories for fuel. A recent study revealed after consuming foods rich in capsaicin, the body’s metabolic rate (energy use) can increase by fifteen to twenty percent for up to two hours. It is also believed that capsaicin accelerates the process of fat oxidation, and this allows the body to utilize fat as fuel.
  4. Drink some water before you sleep.
    If you are currently trying to lose weight, then drinking water before bed is just what you need. A particular study published in the Journal of Metabolism and Endocrinology found that drinking water may increase your metabolic rate by thirty percent in both healthy women and men. The same research says that even mild dehydration causes hunger and can potentially slow down your metabolism by as much as three percent.
  5. Take a cup of green tea before you retire to bed.
    You can also bump up your metabolic rate by ending your day with a cup of green tea. A certain article published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that caffeine as well as catechins present in green tea enhances fat oxidation and energy by increasing your metabolism. You might be wondering that the caffeine may deprive you of sleep but, the amino acid L-theanine found in green tea counteracts the perceived effects of the caffeine thus helping you to relax.

The Bottom Line

The potential benefits of an increased metabolism are many, and you have every reason to try and boost your metabolic rate at any given time. Use these five proven and effective tips and boost your metabolism even as you enjoy your sleep.