None of us want to struggle with our weight or health, but our bodies often have other plans. That’s why Dr. Teta’s Metabolic Renewal program seems so appealing to some women. It gives us a reason for our struggles and helps us to tackle that reason in a way that no other program seems to be doing. But, does Dr. Teta really know what he’s talking about? And, is it really worth the effort of taking on another program that may not work for weight loss and improved health? This review website will take a look at what you get with the program, what it offers, and whether or not it is worth buying.

What Do You Get With The Program?

This is not really as much a weight loss program as it is a ‘regain your health’ program. There are many different aspects of Metabolic Renewal that help you both lose weight and regain your health, and they all play an important part in optimizing your metabolism.

The Diet Aspect

The nutritional aspect is a 12-week meal plan, including recipes that are supposed to help you regulate your hormones, which in turn will regulate your hunger and cravings and help you lose weight.

This program focuses on helping you create a diet that fits your needs; however, you can’t just eat whatever you want. You will need to eat foods that will impact your hormones and body in a positive way. Moreover, you will need to eat them at the right times, which is what this program is supposed to teach you.

According to Dr. Teta, in order to keep your metabolism in fat-burning mode, you will learn to eat in cycles that are in sync with your natural hormonal rhythms. This approach is supposed to work regardless of your age, whether or not you are menstruating, or whether or not you are in menopause.

The Fitness Aspect

Dr. Teta doesn’t call it fitness. He calls it metabolics. His approach is not a ‘work hard’ approach. Instead, he focuses on working in short 45-second bursts for 15 minutes of a day. And, you only need to do that 3 times per week.

His logic that working too hard can mess up the female metabolism goes against what we’ve seen on shows like the Biggest Loser, so it’s a hard pill to swallow. But, he says that, among other things, his intelligent exercises boost the Human Growth Hormone, which has been shown to help people lose more body fat.

Moreover, he says that females tend to burn more fat than sugar during exercise, while males tend to burn more sugar than fat. So, harnessing the right kind of workout could really produce some big benefits (like these that others have seen) for us women.

The Mindset Aspect

Are you stressed out a lot? Do you worry a lot? Dr. Teta says that females tend to be more sensitive to stress than men, and because of that their bodies release more of the stress hormone, cortisol. That forces weight gain and increases appetite and cravings, which is stressful. So, it likely turns into a never-ending cycle of stress and damage to the body.

Therefore, this component focuses on rest, relaxation and recovering. The plus side, besides reducing cortisol, is that there is a lot of research on the negative impact of stress on the body beyond weight, so you will be doing your body a big service by learning to take it easy.

The Movement Aspect

This was one of the most surprising things I found in my Metabolic Renewal review. Dr. Teta says that movement, or what he calls Non-Exercise Associated Thermogenesis (NEAT), is twice as important as exercising when it comes to burning off calories!

It turns out that beneficial movement isn’t just about walking, as our Fitbits would like us to think. It’s also about standing, fidgeting, and even typing on the computer.

In Metabolic Renewal, you will learn NEAT activities that you can do in your day to keep insulin under control and protect you from the damaging effects of cortisol.

The Tracking Aspect

Included is a Female Transformation Tracker, which is supposed to help you track things like your metabolic score, vitality score, PMS score, menopause score, body shape, and weight. As someone who believes in the power of tracking to see how certain tweaks to lifestyle impact health, I know this is important.

Tracking gives you insight into your health that you won’t notice otherwise, and it’s a great way to further customize your lifestyle to make the best possible choices for you. We are all unique and one size does not fit all, even when it comes to a healthy lifestyle that impacts our bodies in a positive way, so figuring out what works for you is important.

The Bonuses

Lastly, there are two bonuses as of this Metabolic Renewal review. The first one is a few videos that help you to sculpt your body quicker and the second one is information that will help you to fight your belly fat.

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How Does Metabolic Renewal Work?

You don’t need to be a certain age or in a certain state of health to take this program. You just need to be a female. This program was created solely with the female in mind.

Dr. Teta is known for helping women with their health. He understands that the female body has some unique attributes, and he knows how to tackle them through a whole approach that includes exercise, diet, mindset, and movement.

This is a 12-week program that moves through four phases of the exercise program. But, I foresee this being a lifestyle change. Because you need to eat, behave, exercise, and move in a certain way to affect your hormones and metabolism in a positive way, it’s not something you can just drop once you get the results. You will need to continue this well past the 12-week mark.

The good news is that Dr. Teta has included a roadmap aspect of the program that helps you understand how to change your lifestyle as you progress through life. This is why any woman at any stage of life can take this program. He has information to help all women, no matter what is happening with their hormones.

The Positive and Negative Reviews

First, let’s look at the good aspects:

  • Based on science that shows how to leverage a woman’s unique hormone profile.
  • Step-by-step blueprint with no guesswork.
  • Customizable for you and your current stage of life.
  • Diet, exercise, mindset, and movement aspect of the program help to tackle all 4 key aspects of your metabolism.
  • Exercise is only 15 minutes long with 45-second movements, and it only needs to be done 3 times per week.
  • Learn how to keep track of aspects of your health and become more in tune with your body.
  • Learn more about your hormones and how they impact your metabolism and health.
  • Recipes are created by a gourmet chef.
  • Detailed shopping lists are included so you can get what you need from the store easily.
  • No need for a gym membership with this program.
  • Comes with a guarantee that you will improve your health and tap into your metabolic advantage.
  • Should see some health results within the first 48 hours.

Now, the not so good:

  • If you are solely focused on the number on the scale, you may not complete this program as you may not see the health improvement beyond the scale and give up for something that reduces your numbers faster.
  • You will need to make a lifestyle change and be prepared to change your diet, workout schedule, and even daily routine a bit.
  • You have to pay extra for shipping and handling to get actual DVD’s shipped to you (probably worth doing).
  • The refund does not include shipping and handling

Who is Dr. Jade Teta?

Dr. Jade Teta is a well-known doctor online. He is an integrative physician, and he specializes in body transformation, natural health, and fitness. He has spent 25 years studying hormonal metabolism and strength and conditioning. He has a bachelor’s of science in biochemistry and a doctorate in Naturopathic medicine.

Is the Program Worth Buying?

Because most programs are created for men, it seems logical to take a program like this (created by a doctor who understands female hormones and how they are influenced) and give it a shot.

The fact that he allows you to customize and modify every aspect of this program tells me that he understands we are not all the same – or in the same stage of life, and depending on many factors, including hormonal health, we all require different things to keep our health at optimal levels.

I think that Dr. Teta’s reputation and knowledge make this a safe program to at least try. As long as you take part in the program as outlined, there is a good chance that it will work and you are going to experience metabolism, hormonal, and health benefits. He claims it’s a program that every woman can do, that it will deliver fast results, and that it’s something you want to stick with, so who wouldn’t want to give it a shot?

Purchasing Information

You can buy directly from the Metabolic Renewal website. There, you will get an option to get a digital version of the program or a digital and physical version of the program. However, if you choose the physical version, you will need to pay shipping and handling. Moreover, while there is a 90-day guarantee in place where you can receive a 100% refund, you will not be refunded the shipping and handling you paid if you bought the digital product.

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